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Company Cognitec
Publisher Microdeal
Released 1983
Platform Dragon 32
Dragon 64
Genre Word Processor
Operation Keyboard
Media Cassette
Floppy Disk
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Telewriter was the number 1 word proccessor for the Dragon. Converted to Dragon format from Cognitec's original Tandy CoCo success. There were several versions of the program supplied in the package, that made it work with different printers.

Review by Dragon User magazine, September 1983

Telewriter, from Microdeal, is the best documented, most comprehensive in terms of printers covered, and naturally, the most expensive at £49.95. Written originally for the Tandy Colour Computer in the States by Cognitec, it comes as an A4 stiff ring file, containing instructions and a manual. Almost dwarfed by the size of the container is a little pocket containing the cassette. This contains several versions ot the program with demonstration texts. Each is suitable for a different range of printers (the reason for this is that although they may use standard interfaces, printers use different codes to control expanded text, underlining, etc).

To cope with the problem of unsuitable screen format and lack of lower case letters, the screen is redefined to allow 24 rows of 51 characters, and pressing SHIFT 0 gives true lower case on the screen. These letters are surprisingly clear in black on white. ln fact, a higher resolution would not be clearly visible on a normal TV, and computers such as the BBC with 80 column modes are only really suited to monitor use when used in the highest resolution. Having 51 characters is just wide enough for word processing, if you want to examine the finished document on screen, but it does tend to produce a skinny letter. Longer lines are possible, but they aren't shown in their true format on the screen.

Typing irritation

My main irritation with an otherwise excellent program is common to all the WP packages, and is more to do with the keyboard scan than anything inherently wrong with the programs themselves. Every time I got into a typing rhythm, odd letters were missed out - and although I do a lot of typing, it's hardly done at a great speed.


Welcome to Telewriter (.pdf)
Telewriter Tutorial (.pdf)
Telewriter Reference Manual (.pdf)

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