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Welcome to the DragonWiki. is the original Wiki about the Dragon computers from the golden 80's.
A Wiki is a website where YOU as a user/reader also can contribute as an "author". You only need to sign up for a user account, then you can add new pages, as well as edit the existing ones.
To obtain a user account, you must request one. This is just a precaution to avoid spam-bots, spam-jerks and vandalism.
You don't have to be that serious with the sign-up form, just tell us who you are with at least 20 words in the bio!

I'm currently in the process of indexing as much software as possible, so feel free to sign up and add whatever info you might have about the various games and applications. Images and cover scans are also very welcome.

The Wiki is in an early stage, so please do not let your life depend on the info found here being accurate.... If you find any wrong info, please sign up and fix it!

There are currently 748 articles available.

Donkey King

Spotlight on:

Second out in the Spotlight on series is the undisputed champion of the Dragon arcade games throne, Donkey King by Tom Mix Software. The very best clone of the Nintendo classic Donkey Kong, for any 8-bit computer. How many Dragons that were sold because of this game is unknown, but being one of the first released games from the no.1 Dragon software publisher Microdeal, it surely had a huge impact on Dragon sales in the early days.

Read more about it here: Donkey King

Dragon related news

  • 13/06/2009: Believe it or not... We're now in the year 2009, some 27 years after the birth of the Dragon, and now a new commercial Dragon game has been released. It's the software house, Cronosoft, that is offering their new game Glove, written by James McKay. The game can be bought from their eBay-shop, found here: Cronosoft-Retrogamez
  • 21/05/2009: Dragon books for sale from DataServe Retro. Ships around the world, and have very fair prices.
  • 13/04/2009: The Tandy Color Computer website are selling ROM extension boards (incl. a cartridge case) for the CoCo. The service includes programming an EPROM with whatever ROM-file you send them, and also includes a colour label for the case if you want. The good news is that these cartridges works equally good in the Dragon cartridge port, and by sending a Dragon ROM-file you could have a custom made Dragon cartridge for about $25!
  • 12/03/2009: You can buy brand new (old stock) Dragon64's (!) from US based California Digital. It's the Dragon by Tano branded US NTSC version. The listed price is $45, but if you ask you'll get them for $39. Post & packing to Europe is a bit on the costy side, though, $89 by air-mail. But hey... it's brand new boxed Dragons, for crying out loud! I've even seen someone trying to sell one on eBay for $399....

DragonWiki related news


Quite the opposite to a lot of other websites, we are not asking for money donations. The DragonWiki project is a non-profit venture, and will stay so, despite the fact that we (or should I say "I") must pay the bills for webhosting and bandwidth from my own pocket. That is not a problem for me, as I do this for the fun of it, and for the love of the Dragon computers. But I am also spending quite a bit of money (and time) buying old Dragon related stuff from eBay and other sources, to be able to document their features here at DragonWiki. Please have a look at the donations page, to see if you can help us out by offering something that otherwise would just take up space and collect dust. Your donations will not be tucked away in a storage box for years, but will be documented on the Wiki as soon as it arrives.

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To-do stuff & how to contribute

You can of course make any new page/article you want, after you have registered an account. The easiest way to do that is to make a link on an existing page and click that link. This automatically creates the new page/article, and also ensures that your new page isn't orphaned. Click the edit button on any page to see how links are made, and copy-paste to use an existing page as a template.
Don't be afraid to do mistakes, as pages can be reverted to previous states very easily, but it could be wise to use the Preview button before submitting a change. Questions about MediaWiki-coding can be asked in the forum.
You should also take a look at the to-do pages and see if there is something you can fill in. These are pages that are linked to, but doesn't exist yet.
The stub pages could be another place to start. Those are existing pages with little or no info.


Despite the fact that the Dragons are from another millennium, copyrights still apply. A lot of the info and articles here at DragonWiki are sourced from the Dragon User magazine, of which the last edition was sold over 20 years ago. The makers of the magazine (at least in the final, hard years) were very devoted Dragon "fans", and even if I haven't been able to reach any of them, I will continue to publish articles and reviews from that magazine, in the belief that they, through their devotion and passion, wouldn't mind. The magazines can after all be downloaded in their full glory from other sites, and the origin is clearly stated in every case. So be thoughtful towards the copyright laws if submitting articles etc. to the DragonWiki, but the sources are limited and I hope common sense will be used by both contributors and the vintage copyright holders. If you want to reproduce something from eg. another website, please ask the original author beforehand. Uploading complete documents like books, magazines, software etc. to the DragonWiki is not allowed, unless you have permission from the copyright holders. Please make a note in the article that contents are reproduced with permission from the author, and link back to the original source, if possible. Scans of covers and screenshots from software are allowed, as this would be considered "editorial use", in which case such reproductions are allowed in most countries. In cases which the current copyright holder is not identifyable, unknown or unreachable, the content is allowed until the copyright holder or their representatives steps forward and claims the content illegal to publish. In such cases the content in question will be removed immideately without objections.

Reproduction of DragonWiki's contents on other non-commercial retro-computer websites (that also allows reproduction of THEIR contents) are allowed as long as you clearly state the origin of the contents, and include a hypertext link back to the original article here at DragonWiki. Reproducing large amounts of DragonWiki contents or the "structure", is taking things a bit too far, I feel. Please contact me before doing so. If re-using an image or PDF from DragonWiki, the WWW.DRAGONWIKI.COM watermarks must not be altered in any way, and please do add the following byline to the image: Photo:
Websites taking money donations are considered commercial, and are not allowed to reproduce contents from DragonWiki. The same goes for websites that display commercial advertising. To re-copy contents that are already reproduced from other websites is a matter between you and the owner of the website in question.

So what it basically boils down to is: You could do whatever (non-commercial) you want with the info found here on DragonWiki, as long as we can do the same with the contents of your site. That's fair trade, isn't it?

Some of the information found on DragonWiki are reproduced from other websites that allow copying of their contents, either by stating this privately to the DragonWiki site-admin, or by generally releasing the contents to the public (eg. released under the GNU Free Documentation License) at the time of publication here on DragonWiki. In these cases the sources are credited in the article.

Please contact site admin "The KING" in the forum if you have any questions.

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